Module: tf.summary

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TensorFlow component package for providing tf.summary from TensorBoard.


class SummaryWriter: Interface representing a stateful summary writer object.


audio(...): Write an audio summary.

create_file_writer(...): Creates a summary file writer for the given log directory.

create_noop_writer(...): Returns a summary writer that does nothing.

flush(...): Forces summary writer to send any buffered data to storage.

histogram(...): Write a histogram summary.

image(...): Write an image summary.

import_event(...): Writes a tf.Event binary proto.

record_if(...): Sets summary recording on or off per the provided boolean value.

scalar(...): Write a scalar summary.

summary_scope(...): A context manager for use when defining a custom summary op.

text(...): Write a text summary.

trace_export(...): Stops and exports the active trace as a Summary and/or profile file.

trace_off(...): Stops the current trace and discards any collected information.

trace_on(...): Starts a trace to record computation graphs and profiling information.

write(...): Writes a generic summary to the default SummaryWriter if one exists.

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